Friday, 26 June 2015

CANCUN, MEXICO 2014 PART 1: Sun, Sea, Hotel & Xel-Ha Park

It was about time I shared my trip to Cancun, Mexico last year in the summer. I've wanted to share these photos for ages now and I finally got round to it!

A few years ago I went and ever since I've wanted to go back. The bright sun shining, clear blue skies and the bluest ocean I've seen - why wouldn't you? A place to relax in the sun but do the many activities and see the many historic sited Cancun has to offer.
 Well last year I got to go back!

I take a lot of photos while on holiday, this trip was no exception being up there with one of the most photos I have taken on holiday. To some it may seem too much but my recent love for photography helps me capture these moments and see places in a different way.

Here are a few photos from my holiday ( It was hard to decided which ones to share as there were so many!)

At the end of the strip the hotels are on the have a shopping centre area including where the bars and club are at.

Shopping centre along the beach

Lots of stuff like these in almost every shop

I got the purple one ;)
Introducing pictures from the hotel:

Pictures from our hotel room:

A show they had on in the middle of the hotel one night.


Most of the time I was in the games room!
Hotels own coffee bar



You could of swam with Dolphins
I'll be sharing other parts to my 2 week holiday in Cancun, Mexico in other posts soon to come!

*All images were taken from my iPhone 5*