Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I love going into Central London and to see the Christmas lights this year made it definantly feel more like Christmas is just round the corner.
After having lunch at Mishkins (See my 'FOODIE TAKE II' post) I looked around Covent Garden to see all there lights and decorations:

I didn't realise this was made from lego!

Covent Garden Christmas Tree

Spot of window shopping.

Then walked down Regent St too see there Christmas lights. 

Via Carnaby Street to Oxford Street - 


Seeing everyones post about Oxford Street Lights we had to take a look.

This was Selfridges.

 These lights and decorations everywhere put me in a happy festive mood. What are the Christmas Lights like in your area?

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I have been wanting to visit Mishkins for months now and finally went the other day. The food was so good I had to write a post about it quick.
The setting of the restaurant reminds me slightly of an American diner with the booths, they even have the stereotypical ketchup and mustard bottles. 


As soon as we went they we were seated (we had just beat the lunch rush) and our glasses were topped up with water - which is nice to have as many English restaurants you have to wait and pay for water. Our food didn't take long to come which was good because we were starving!
The food has a Jewish take on it so it's somewhere different to enjoy and I can say the food didn't disappoint with this restaurant in Covent Garden and can see why it's growing more popular. 

Here's the Reuben on Rye and Reuben Burger with a side order of onion rings and 'east end' chips.

I can say everything we ordered was amazing - cooked to perfection but especially the burger with the cheese (WOW!), have to say the best I've tasted!

Will be defiantly going back there! I recommend going if you are in the Covent Garden area and want to try something different. If you've been to Mishkins, what did you think of it?

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


TAG! Here's another tag - this time the Winter Tag. I would love to hear your answers, comment them below :) What are some of your favourites for winter?

1. Do you like the cold?
Yes, I think everyone complains when we have the sudden change from summer to autumn briefly then to winter suddenly however I do prefer winter to summer.

2. Favourite part of winter?
Winter means cold. Cold means getting out those warm sweaters and cosy jumpers which I love to wear. In general I love the things associate with winter, including christmas and the things below:

3. Favourite winter drink?
I am loving gingerbread or spiced lattes at the moment.

4. Favourite winter food/treat?

Every winter I love having apple/fruit crumble warm with custard! Mmmmm.... ;)

5. Top 3 fashion winter essentials?
A good winter coat
Gloves (my hands get freezing)
A pair of cosy thick socks (I'm the type of person that always wearing socks)

6. Top 3 beauty essentials?
A product which adds/maintains moisture in you skin as it gets dry in the change of temp
Lip balm is a must for those dry lips
Makeupwise a warm blush/bronzer 

7. Thoughts on ice skating?
I love the idea and love the rinks everywhere as they make it look so pretty but unfortunately I am so bad at it, I can barely stand on the ice so I've only tried once.

8. Favourite Christmas decoration this year?
Just in general a well decorated Christmas tree with lights can look so stunning and really puts you in the festive happy mood.

9. What's at the top of your wish list this year?
This year I have two things I really want: as I have been working on my fitness and living healthier I want a Nurtibullet and a pair of Nike Roshe Runs. (See my 'Christmas Wish List' blog post for more)

10. Your dream way to spend Christmas day?
I would love to go on a skiing holiday with good friends. The idea of skiing (which I probably can't do), warm fire, hot chocolates and a white Christmas with guaranteed snow is so perfect.

11.Anything fun planned for winter?
For Christmas I always go on holiday and will be this year... I can't wait to travel as I love to explore new places (which I mentioned a lot on twitter, follow me @rhedhillon)

What is your dream way to spend Christmas? How do you normally spend Christmas, home or away? 

Saturday, 6 December 2014


For the past good few years I have always had no idea what I've wanted as a present, for Christmas or for my birthday. I've always said I rather spend and get things during the year instead of waiting for that one moment for that one specific thing because I've never known what I wanted or it hasn't been one specific thing.

This year for Christmas I am actually able to answer "what do you want for Christmas?" However this doesn't mean I am going to get it because the first thing on my list is more 'for the home'. (that's what they said)

Here's my list:

I have been getting into having smoothies recently and the blender I have just doesn't work properly which is really annoying - after hearing so many reviews I do want to get this as it makes smoothies so quickly and the additional cups and holders are handy.

The perfect pair of trainers for the gym and everyday. Love.

I have been wanting some good eye brushes for a long time now and just the basics in this set is ideal to just starting.

4. Money for higher end makeup products and clothes

This is just for general reasons, money is always good as I do save money normally but occasionally would like to splurge out if I had the chance.

I have yet to try this because it is so expensive but with having seen everyone rave about it the past few years I'm still waiting to try it out. I'm glad it has darker shades as well which the higher end makeup products tend to have more of vs the drugstore.

So these are my honest top 5 items. I'm not expecting these items but I have wanted these for so long now... one day I'll get them. 

What's on your Christmas list this year?

Monday, 1 December 2014


Winter Wonderland is as amazing as it sounds, it defiantly gets me in the Christmas spirit.

For the past 3 years I have been going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. If your in London and haven't been you must! It's a great day out, has loads of market stalls for your Christmas shopping; loads of fair rides for all ages including an ice rink and lots of food and treats to try. 
I recommend going on a weekday if you can as it get so busy on the weekends. This year I went during the week and was the perfect way to allow you to see everything at your own pace instead of on the weekend where you find you have to push pass people to get to places.

The Ferris wheel is a great attraction to go on first, it allows you to get great picture from above while seeing where a few things are. 

I turned the corner and this catches you eye straight away considering it is massive. Ice mountain is where you find the ice bar and ice kingdom. It has a waterfall outside which is nice and adds to the setting.

The main food you get there are burgers, German sausage/hot dogs with fries and corn etc...

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolates - essential to help warm up in this weather.
Through to the market stalls where they have great, unique items, perfect for your Christmas Shopping.

These jams and curds tasted amazing - got the Pina Colada flavour ;)

The rocky road fudge tasted soo good (just like cake) , got the honeycomb one too!
Ice Skating for Christmas is a must to help get into the winter and festive spirt (even though I can't ice skate)
Magical :)

I love going to Winter Wonderland, it's become like a 'christmas tradition' for me now! It's so surreal and magical went you enter through, a lot is going on so it's best to walk around first and see whats to offer. When it gets darker, which is early here and the lights go on it adds to the Christmas atmosphere of the place. Although it wasn't so great last year, this year is absolutely amazing and I'm hoping to seek another trip there before it ends.

What gets you in the Christmas spirit this time of year?