Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I went to visit Shoreditch in East London as I haven't been to explore that side of London much. I heard loads of good thing to see near there including Box Park and Spitalfields market.

From Liverpool Street Tube Station I went to Spitalfields market, then went to Leon for lunch - a naturally fast food place which was so good! The Spitalfields market area is so nice with all its unique market stalls surrounded by a number a restaurants.

I then went to Box Park where I enjoyed a baked doughnut (yes baked, which tasted so much better) as well as other shops which I popped into.

I explored some of the street art in the area which was everywhere, it's makes the area so different and East London is better known for the street art there.


Hello :)

Then off to the famous Brick Lane to window shop.

Still so many parts of London to explore, this was my first time exploring East London, any places you recommend?

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Recently I want to try so many different restaurants as I do get bored of going to the same restaurant over and over again.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a lovely meal at Bills restaurants. I had never been there before and wanted to try somewhere different, so after hearing good reviews about it I decided to finally go.
The setting of their restaurants are a nice chilled out feeling with their own brand of things you could buy such as cookies and jams etc...


Excuse the bad quality images

I had the naked burger which comes with tatziki and a mini salad, a added side of sweet potato fries (my fave) the meal didn't disappoint . For dessert was a strawberry cheesecake and that was just a good - seems like a normal meal but the burger was quality you could taste and not at all dry which can be the case sometimes, and sweet potato fries were cooked just right along with the the cheesecake which was light.

Lovely evening = Lovely meal

I recommend!

Will be going back again, hopefully soon to try out other things on their menu.

Any restaurants you recommend?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


What's your favourite treat/dessert that you cannot resist? Mine? COOKIES!
I always find myself tempted whenever I see cookies, and occasionally do get one but manage somehow to restrain myself.

I saw an image on twitter of s'more cookies. OMG! My two favourites  marshmallows and cookies - I instantly thought 'I must have one' so....

I attempted to make one at home by putting a piece of chocolate and some marshmallows between cookie dough.

When it came out the oven I couldn't wait to try it!

I cut it in half to see what it was like inside. WOW! The chocolate melted out and you could see slightly the marshmallows inside which had melted also melted a little so it was all gooey inside.

With the added marshmallows in the centre it added something extra to the cookie and admittedly have made a lot of these since the first one I made (maybe one too many).

The melted chocolate and melted marshmallows were amazing I didn't know why I hadn't thought of this before!

Served when its slightly warm, its perfectly for a treat now and again.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Looks like Christmas has come early for me. I don't normally start celebrating Christmas earlier than I need to but on Monday (3rd November) I went to Westfield London to see Rita Ora switch on their Christmas lights with a performance by her.

I forgotten how much I actually loved her songs; although she only sang three songs she was really amazing. She has such an amazing voice and she was sure showing it off as she sang I will never let you down, Party and Bullshit (my fav) and Black Window.

I had previously seen her before at Wireless Festival as she came out for one song with Iggy Azalea singing Black Widow and I've actually always wanted to see her live.
She looked absolutely stunning. (Which I tweeted at the time, follow me @Rhedhillon) Loved what she was wearing with the reindeer antlers was a nice touch, her hair was on point with a hint of pink and her flawless makeup look and big eyelashes was beautiful.

I'm glad I went to see and loved every minute, I love going to concerts even if this was only a few songs. Going to see her made me remember how much I do love her (she is from West London like me).


Here are the Christmas lights which was what the event was all about.