Monday, 16 November 2015


So recently I have been feeling really uninspired and not productive for like a month or so. I've thought about my blog content and decided to focus on travel, it's a hobby I love and it's why I started this blog - to share my photography travel pics!
I briefly said via Google+ that I will be doing posts on different places around the world I want to visit and I can't wait to write them! This idea came to me while adding to my long list I already have (...and yes it is a lot!) Some places I have been but there are so many I haven't been too which excite me. Let me know where you have always wanted to visit!
Moving on to this blog post. As I said I was feeling uninspired and needed a break from photography but to get back into it I went into Central London and took some pictures. I live in London so it's great for an occasion like this, I hadn't been into Central for ages and missed it! I just went and took images hoping to spark some inspiration and get back to love it again:

Along Southbank....

I love this composition, how the UK and English flag are high on top right between where it says 'proudly'.

Black and White best represented this cloudy shot.

A plane at the right moment

Wanna see more Street Art instead of graffiti, East London is a great area, have a look at EXPLORING LONDON for more.

Introduce to photos from Covent Garden, it's amazing wit the Christmas lights up this time of year!
The mirror ceiling is everything in this picture.

Got that festive touch
What do you think of the (random-ish) images I took? I'm slowly getting back into photography again...

Friday, 6 November 2015


Bonfire Night on 5th of November is all about the bonfires and firework displays, commemorating Guy Fawkes here in Britain.
Loads of places put on a huge 'family fun' night - some free - such as funfairs all ending with a firework display.

I like bonfire night with the fireworks but this year there didn't seem to be that huge of a deal, maybe because it was raining as usual. For bonfire night I attended a firework display last year and here are some pics of fireworks I saw:

Its hard to get great images of fireworks exploding in the sky and doesn't really show how amazing the display was.


What's your favourite yearly celebration?