Monday, 16 May 2016

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2015 PART 3: The Capital, Santo Domingo

Until you visit the capital city you don't really get much of a feeling that there is any culture or history here. However there is such an amazing back story to this side of the island which boarders Haiti.

This is a school.
Basic classroom.

So on this trip we moved all along the streets, no idea where we were going but then randomly stop to this house.

All in this little room but it's all part of them and their culture.

This one road, two completely different styles of on the ether side. One French and one Spanish.

Visited a cathedral and some free time in the square - Parque Colon.

The second part of the day was were I visited Alcazar de Colon where you can also get great pictures while absorbing the heritage.

The view I must say is amazing as you can see from my pictures:

There is really so much more to the Dominican Republic then you and especially me thought. Take time to explore the city and you'll see.

What do you think of the images?

*Some photos were take on my iPhone which explains the quality comparison with some images.

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Have you ever been to the Dominican Republic or would like to go?