Thursday, 30 October 2014


Here's the second look I did!!

I thought I loved the Killer Clown look but then I recreated another:

This look is good for perhaps a zombie look or anything you think really. All I know is this is my favourite look I've done, again using only what I had I was surprised of how it turned out this good.

Adding the (fake) blood made the look 'scarier' and really you just got to add some blood on Halloween, it is Halloween after all.


I loved recreating the looks I did (Killer Clown look was PART I, check it out if you haven't already)


What do you normally do for Halloween? Trick 'o' Treating or going to a party?


 What are you going as for Halloween?

I was inspired by a tutorial I saw on youtube and decided to recreate it. This 'Killer Clown' look I tried using the makeup I had:

 I LOVED the blue hair which I got a coloured hairspray for, first I used the white as my hair is black/brown so when I sprayed the blue the colour payoff would appear much better.

 The (fake) blood I got made the look better and more 'scarier'. I was surprisingly glad of how I recreated this Killer Clown look.

I loved recreating these looks and would wear these looks out for Halloween.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Last year I went to Live at the Apollo which is a British stand-up comedy programme; a number of, usually 3, comedians are there in front of a live audience - the tickets do not go on general sale and so are free - they tape and film two shows a night so you get to see 6 different comedians.

Last year I saw people like Sean Lock and Josh Widdicombe (who were hilarious), while this year I got to go again and it was even more funnier than last year seeing people like Sarah Millican, Joe Lycett and Russel Kane - plus we had really good seat compared to last year.

Its defiantly a great night out if your looking for something different to do and will leave you laughing all the way through. It's a good experience being apart of a live audience and I can't wait to hopefully go again next.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


When I went into Central London last week I knew I had to try the place a lot of people have been talking about and nearly everyone has tried.
From Leicester Square station I headed straight to Five Guys which is well known for there burgers and I see why. It is just a fast food place but the quality is much better and I defiantly enjoyed the cheeseburger I had. If I ever want a 'fast food' burger and chips I would defiantly choose to go to Five Guys again over other places such as McDonalds - which I don't normally go to anyway.
As I was in Covent Garden area I went to check the market stalls they had and I just love the area in general. All the stalls had unique things to sell from clothing to hand crafted items.

The weather seems to be on our side for the trip into Central London which was perfect to walk the streets of London from Leicester Square Station to Covent Garden I also walked passed Trafalgar Square.

Then to south bank.

Its a great walk seeing all these places in Central London - they are closer then you would think all within walking distance.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


'It's closer than you think' -
I live in West London and with Central London being about 30 minuets away from me you would think I would go there more often - I wish!

'If you can't beat them, join them' -
I always find myself taking loads of pictures when I'm in central acting like the many tourists there and this trip was no exception, especially as I finally got to go on the London eye again. I've been on it before twice before but never really appreciated it more or taken photos of the beautiful view of London it has.


I love the fact that I live in London, there's always so much to do and the fact I've only seen a small bit of what this massive city has to offer makes it more interesting and intriguing for me to stay and discover.