Friday, 11 March 2016

TRAVEL TO: Ireland

St. Patrick's Day is coming up and as its Ireland's cultural celebration so I thought this blog post would fit in. Not only in Ireland is St. Patrick's Day highly celebrated but elsewhere like New York people go out and have huge parties - don't know why but why not end up having a great day! I can imagine all those pints of Guinness being poured in all the Irish bars amongst the local craic in that charming accent that everyone seems to love!
When you think about it there's loads to love about Ireland and I'm talking about those stereotypical things. True or not one day I hope to go to Ireland and find out what it is really like for myself.

 The Giant Causeway is top of the list when visiting.

It is an area of around 40,000 interlocking columns resulting from an ancient volcanic eruption. The whole of the Causeway coast in Northern Ireland has lots to do along the coast with it's get scenery walking along and seeing the valleys. There are also loads of castles/churches to see there plus Ireland also has loads of farm lands - gotta get those potatoes.

Valleys, farm lands etc.. is always so different for me (including when I went to Somerset in the west of England which you can read and see more here) because as I'm from London, I'm definitely a city person so it's so weird for me not to just see tall buildings everywhere with the sound of planes flying over and car horns going off in congestion.

Ireland isn't even that far from England so I would love to visit for a short break away. The whole of Ireland has something different about it that intrigues people about visiting. Have you been to Ireland, what were some highlights of your trip?*All images and researched information all via google search ;)NEXT: PARIS, FRANCE