Friday, 24 April 2015

WEEKEND BREAK: Somerset, England

I love to share my holidays pictures whether they are going abroad or staying here in England. A few weeks ago I went away for the weekend over the Bank Holiday to Somerset.
Some of the places we visited over the few days we were there:

Wells Cathedral
We also headed over to Weston-super-mare beach as it wasn't too far.
Cheddar Gorge

There was a long road you can drive all the way through to see the gorge. We went part way through then headed back down to where there were more shops and places to eat.

The day got brighter and hotter throughout the day
Street art always captures my eye.
It was a great reflection of the place.

It was very lucky for us as this day was the start of the lovely hot days we've been having in England
There were over 200 steps to walk.
Eventually managed and saw the lovely views beyond the place it gave.
As you can see going up those steps was worth it to see the view!

One of the biggest things I noticed is that coming from the city (London) and then going there to the countryside was a massive difference! I defiantly prefer the city but love exploring wherever the place may be; it is also a nice quiet change to experience.
I hoped you enjoyed reading this post. I would love to hear where you have been on holiday, whether it was a few days away or a few weeks!