Tuesday, 26 April 2016

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2015 PART 2: Day of Exploring

Time went so fast on this holiday I didn't go on many trips out but the first one I went on we got to drive our own buggy's through the sugar cane fields and up some very bump and hilly roads. 

Motorbikes, there are as many if not more than there are cars.
Cane fields for endless miles.

Driving further where we experienced horse riding, cigar making and a look into the coffee and cocoa beans fields.

View from where we were.
I didn't do the horse riding but I loved the coffee and cocoa beans along with vanilla, all local produce and all things I love!

They told us the whole process of their produce.

Different types of beans

After driving through the sugar cane fields, looking at cigar making and local coffee beans, vanilla and cocoa, which we all had an opportunity to buy, and the horse riding; if that wasn't enough we had a chance to zip line as well! We explored so much just driving through and learning more about what the Dominican Republic has to offer, originally I had no idea what I was going to do here.

Along the roads...

Afterwards we had some time at a beach but I wasn't too interested in that - took some lovely photos, absorbed the beautiful view in the heat and then went back to the hotel after a long day exploring the island.

This excursions was such a full packed one but it was great to see everything. It really makes you see the different culture and lifestyle they have compared to your own and see the differences and beauty within other areas of the world.

Have you seen Part 1: Around the Hotel ? Let me know what you think of the pictures!

*Some photos were taken on my iPhone