Monday, 11 July 2016


Last month was a great one full of hope and new things, mainly because I finally finished my exams and finished college which was a tough time for me. Aside from that, here's what I did for the rest of the month:

Rihanna Concert - 
Was totally doubting going, but I went and got a good night out from it. Her performance was shorter than anyone else I had seen, but before she came out there was a massive fight that broke out which made thing interesting between waiting time.

Moving into the end of June and few days of July -

Flying from Heathrow airport.
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you know I was so exciting to go on my summer holiday this year. This is my 3rd time going Dubai, but we literally did everything - best holiday ever! Loads of pictures and blog posts to come!

(Top) The view from my first hotel in Downtown Dubai, (Middle) Dessert Safari trip, (Bottom) View from my second hotel on the Palm!

After taking time off I've got the rest of my summer working which I don't mind because what else would I really be doing for two months.

What have you got planned this summer?