Friday, 20 March 2015


Another concert! After my last one I couldn't wait, this was still relatively new experience to me and loved every minute of it. I booked this one first but it just happened to come round after. So 2 concerts last March, March was a good month last year. ;)
This time I went to see Drake on his Would you like a Tour? tour. Drake's Nothing was the Same album came out last year on my birthday so how could I not right? Nevertheless I love that album and was so glad I went to his concert.
I booked this very last minute and I wasn't that much hyped up about it but after going to see Beyoncé (Read more in 'My First Concert' post) the 2 weeks in between the two concerts felt so long for me; My adrenaline was stil high from Beyoncé I could not wait to go and when it finally came it didn't disappoint.

The whole show was like a big massive party - which he kept referring to. The night I went Drake sang a new song for the first time which was a bonus.

I also saw The Weeknd perform as his opening act who were just as good, they got the crowd going jumping around the stage with flashing lights everywhere. I love some of their songs as well so to get to see The Weeknd and Drake in one concert was just amazing.


So up to this point I've seen Beyoncé, Jay Z, Drake and The Weeknd - you think that would be it right?
Who would you like to see on tour?