Friday, 3 April 2015


Admittedly I've done a lot of baking, some might say a little too much this week. I must of caught the baking bug! I've always like to bake but the thing that puts me of it is I have no one to pass the treats on to so end up eating all, well most of them.
I love experimenting and trying out new recipes especially when I read up on tips and tricks to improve.

Muffin batter

From muffins to cookies and I even had a go at banana bread which was a success. Most of it went straight away as I had guests round - requested I am making it again this weekend. I'm always secretly proud and glad when it all goes well.

And when they turn out better then you thought you just got to take a picture or two right?


These are how the muffin turned out.

First time making muffins and everyone loved them!


When I don't have chocolate chips I use normal chocolate and chop them up to size.

Have you seen my COOKIE MONSTER post?

How the cookies turned out

I've had so much chocolate and treats this week with all the baking - Happy Easter :)

My most recent bake was Salted Caramel Brownies - homemade caramel sauce as well which came out great for my first time!

What's your favourite thing to make? Any recommendations, recipes you would like to see...?