Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Looks like Christmas has come early for me. I don't normally start celebrating Christmas earlier than I need to but on Monday (3rd November) I went to Westfield London to see Rita Ora switch on their Christmas lights with a performance by her.

I forgotten how much I actually loved her songs; although she only sang three songs she was really amazing. She has such an amazing voice and she was sure showing it off as she sang I will never let you down, Party and Bullshit (my fav) and Black Window.

I had previously seen her before at Wireless Festival as she came out for one song with Iggy Azalea singing Black Widow and I've actually always wanted to see her live.
She looked absolutely stunning. (Which I tweeted at the time, follow me @Rhedhillon) Loved what she was wearing with the reindeer antlers was a nice touch, her hair was on point with a hint of pink and her flawless makeup look and big eyelashes was beautiful.

I'm glad I went to see and loved every minute, I love going to concerts even if this was only a few songs. Going to see her made me remember how much I do love her (she is from West London like me).


Here are the Christmas lights which was what the event was all about.