Thursday, 8 January 2015

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 2014 PART 1: The Beach & Christmas Decorations

It's no secret I love to travel and ever since I was little I've been lucky enough to go on holidays about twice a year - during summer and Christmas holidays.
This year for Christmas I went to Malaga in Spain - we've been going to different parts of Spain for a good few years for Christmas now as the weather isn't really hot but anywhere is better than England and further north with all the rain and windy conditions, it never snows :( !
Here are some pictures of the beach around where I stayed; it was nice just to have walks on the beach and a change of scenery than just England which is just dull this time of year.
It was of course Christmas time and over there they had there only square area with an ice rink and Christmas decorations :)
There is loads of amazing sand art, not just here but in different parts of Spain I've been to.
Hope you had a great Christmas, let me know what you did for Christmas! One year I would love to stay in England at home but not going to say no to travelling and exploring new places :)