Tuesday, 20 January 2015

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 2014 PART 2: Exploring & Visting Gibraltar

Part two to my Christmas holiday:
We visited Gibraltar which was great to see as it does belong to Britain and the shopping is tax free!
From here we could see the tip of Africa!

The tip of Africa behind the ship.

Gibraltar is famous for seeing 'the top of the rock' where apes/monkeys are free to do whatever they want.

The view from 'the top of the rock' was amazing. I love going to higher ground just to capture the views.


We went on a trip to see some lakes which were stunning, you would never think it was there:

Luckily the sun came out just as we arrived here, great for photos ;)

On some of our last days I took some last minute pictures of Malaga, Spain:
I love seeing the mountain drop background whenever I come Spain.
I loved sharing my holiday photos! Where did you last go on holiday and what was it like?