Sunday, 15 February 2015


About a year ago I got to go to my first concert - MRS CARTER SHOW WORLD TOUR BEYONCÉ.

It was the best experience ever. If you've gone to a concert and seen one of your favourite artists you know what it's like, the feeling of it. You get such a buzz and hype off the atmosphere there. Everyone's their to see that one person and from the moment she appeared on stage the whole arena was electric.
To see someone as big as Beyoncé was an incredible experience especially as it was my first time going to a concert and with all the 'hype' about her performances it certainly lived up to it - she sounds even better live, her dance moves are on point and she involves the whole audience with her fans singing back, word to word, her older and newer songs.
From the first song to the last I found myself singing every song and could not keep still, I was in my own element, for so long I had been wanting to go to a concert and I was finally in that moment.

- Not forgetting, one of the best moment for me, when JAY Z came out to perform Drunk in Love with BEYONCÉ.

I had been waiting for this moment, hoping he was going to come out and perform after hearing rumours that day.
Who have you seen in concert or want to see in concert?
N.B. These pictures are only a few I took, I also took many videos - all on my phone which explains the quality. Thank you :)