Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Halloween preperation has begun. My take on this time of year:

Considering I don't do anything for this time of year (I've only been trick 'o' treating twice) some find it really weird that I like Halloween so much and get excited for it, more than Christmas or birthdays.
I do love this time of year; autumn is my favourite season and Halloween comes with it.

The haunted parties, scary costumes and of course sweets and chocolate.

When you think of Halloween time you think pumpkins, whether you traditionally carve one or not. I've always wanted to get a pumpkin.

Spooky atmosphere of Halloween and looking at all the Halloween decorations.

Sweets and chocolate treats.


You know Autumn is here and winter is not far so a hot cup of coffee/tea when you come inside from the cold weather to warm up is perfect. 

What is your favourite part of Halloween?