Friday, 4 September 2015

PARIS 2013 PART 1: Champs Élysées & Views from the Eiffel Tower

Almost two years ago now and one of my favourites cities I've been to!
This was a quick weekend away for my 16th birthday and ever since I've wanted to go back. Two days was enough to get a glimpse of everything but for me I like to spend longer and take my time exploring especially in a city I love.
The hop off and on tour bus is a great way to see everything, almost every major tourist city has these buses now.
Our hotel room was a good location as we could walk down the road to the major shopping road and next to the Opera House.

Down the Champs Elysees

To the Arc de Triomphe which I went to the top of!

The minute I saw even a little of the Eiffel Tower I was amazed, I have wanted to see it for so long!

I love see the views from above of places so any chance I must! The Eiffel Tower is an amazing view!

I was adamant to see the tower at night and we had dinner on a river boat right next it.

Of course I went to The Louvre and Notre Dame which will be in part 2! Which cities have you been to, what were they like?
*All photos were done on my phone