Saturday, 6 December 2014


For the past good few years I have always had no idea what I've wanted as a present, for Christmas or for my birthday. I've always said I rather spend and get things during the year instead of waiting for that one moment for that one specific thing because I've never known what I wanted or it hasn't been one specific thing.

This year for Christmas I am actually able to answer "what do you want for Christmas?" However this doesn't mean I am going to get it because the first thing on my list is more 'for the home'. (that's what they said)

Here's my list:

I have been getting into having smoothies recently and the blender I have just doesn't work properly which is really annoying - after hearing so many reviews I do want to get this as it makes smoothies so quickly and the additional cups and holders are handy.

The perfect pair of trainers for the gym and everyday. Love.

I have been wanting some good eye brushes for a long time now and just the basics in this set is ideal to just starting.

4. Money for higher end makeup products and clothes

This is just for general reasons, money is always good as I do save money normally but occasionally would like to splurge out if I had the chance.

I have yet to try this because it is so expensive but with having seen everyone rave about it the past few years I'm still waiting to try it out. I'm glad it has darker shades as well which the higher end makeup products tend to have more of vs the drugstore.

So these are my honest top 5 items. I'm not expecting these items but I have wanted these for so long now... one day I'll get them. 

What's on your Christmas list this year?