Monday, 1 December 2014


Winter Wonderland is as amazing as it sounds, it defiantly gets me in the Christmas spirit.

For the past 3 years I have been going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. If your in London and haven't been you must! It's a great day out, has loads of market stalls for your Christmas shopping; loads of fair rides for all ages including an ice rink and lots of food and treats to try. 
I recommend going on a weekday if you can as it get so busy on the weekends. This year I went during the week and was the perfect way to allow you to see everything at your own pace instead of on the weekend where you find you have to push pass people to get to places.

The Ferris wheel is a great attraction to go on first, it allows you to get great picture from above while seeing where a few things are. 

I turned the corner and this catches you eye straight away considering it is massive. Ice mountain is where you find the ice bar and ice kingdom. It has a waterfall outside which is nice and adds to the setting.

The main food you get there are burgers, German sausage/hot dogs with fries and corn etc...

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolates - essential to help warm up in this weather.
Through to the market stalls where they have great, unique items, perfect for your Christmas Shopping.

These jams and curds tasted amazing - got the Pina Colada flavour ;)

The rocky road fudge tasted soo good (just like cake) , got the honeycomb one too!
Ice Skating for Christmas is a must to help get into the winter and festive spirt (even though I can't ice skate)
Magical :)

I love going to Winter Wonderland, it's become like a 'christmas tradition' for me now! It's so surreal and magical went you enter through, a lot is going on so it's best to walk around first and see whats to offer. When it gets darker, which is early here and the lights go on it adds to the Christmas atmosphere of the place. Although it wasn't so great last year, this year is absolutely amazing and I'm hoping to seek another trip there before it ends.

What gets you in the Christmas spirit this time of year?