Saturday, 11 April 2015


I love going into Central London, theres no secret about it, I thought I would share what I did when my family came to London for a quick trip! The first place we went to was Harrods in Knightbridge - I love the area and been passed it many times but can you believe I've never actually been into Harrods?!

After spending ages in Harrods (The Disney Store in particular) looking amazed at everything we headed to Covent Garden. It was a lovely sunny day so after walking around browsing the shops we went to Southbank and grabbed something to eat.



Even though I've been to these areas so many times I never get bored of seeing them again and I always take a picture or two.

Walking around London can get really tiring but then you have enough places to eat to refuel yourself up, maybe even over indulge, (but it's only one day its fine right?!) have a look at this interesting infographic 'to work it off' (Wimbledon style). Let me know what you think!