Tuesday, 21 April 2015


As I started to think of where to go for my summer holiday this year (which I've just booked!) I start to think about the places I would love to visit one day. Of course I would like to visit everywhere! I even have a list of places I would like to visit and it keeps growing but I have managed to narrow down to the top 5 places:
Seeing pictures of the places say it all really - the beauty, culture...

5. Thailand
I would love to visit more of the eastern world but as it is so far away it is harder for me to get to. Thailand I have seen some amazing pictures and people who go there never have one bad thing to say about it.
4. Rio de Janerio, Brazil
As well as the other seven wonders of the world I would love to see the statue and experience the big culture difference from the tourist area and where the locals live.

3. New Zealand & Fiji
I would love to go here to do fun adventurous things. I love getting activate and after a day or two I just find it boring sitting on the beach all day so I would love to see and explore on walks and hikes up (small) montains to see the beauty in this place.
2. Bora Bora
This is one place I would love to go and visit to finally relax one day. Just relaxing on the beach with not a care in the world. Sounds appealing?
and finally....
My cousin has gone here and she said it's similar to London and since I love London so much how can I not love it. I'm in love with a city I've never been to but going to visit one day. The excitement I have just thinking about the city is too much which I contain. 

Paris, Italy, Las Vegas & L.A. to name a few are places I would love to visit... again! I'm lucky enough to visit these places but for some places I've visited I was so young and don't remember it.
I'm obsessed with learning about other cultures, exploring new cities and buildings where I live in London and elsewhere in the world.

Have you been to any of these places? 
What are your top 5 places you want to visit to?