Friday, 26 February 2016

TRAVEL TO: Iceland

I feel like Iceland is such a remote place. I was wondering if I should visit Iceland but if I ever had the chance to I would. It's great to see what there town and culture is like from a remote place. As well as a great place to see the Northern Lights there is plenty more to see there such as the places history - everywhere has a interesting back story to it - volcanic areas of national parks & lakes and the Blue Lagoon.

From pictures like this the one above I see similarites comapred to Norway in the apperance of the town.

The main place to visit is Reykjavik where most of the history and happenings are as it is the main town but else where you can see beautiful natural landscapes. I would love to walk around, despite the coldness and see these places that are unique to Iceland.

Blue Lagoon with black volcanic rocks around. The man-made Blue Lagoon are rich in minerals therefore people who bathing in there is said to help people with skin diseases. There is also a operations based to find cures for skin diseases there using the water.

I wouldn't be much interested in the warming 'healing' water of the blue lagoon but what I would love to do which I've seen people do is try a snowmobile! The cold temperatures, remote location and snow who knows what you can see while having fun driving a snowmobile!

Look at that view!

Look at that view!

Have you been to Iceland, what did you do there?
*All images and researched information all via google search ;)
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