Monday, 8 February 2016

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 2015 PART 1: Staying in Algarve

Photos from my Christmas holiday! This year I went to Portugal, staying on the south coast in the Algarve.
This holiday I needed to relax, I wanted to chill out but I couldn't really. I didn't take many photos then I usually do at all but here are a few from my week.
My sea view from my hotel room
Only one day had bad weather but it was still warm.
Shopping and restaurants on the coast - only a walk down the road!

I love talking photos like this for some reason I have loads you can see more of from my MEXICO Holiday Pics


Loads of Orange Trees everywhere.

It is Christmas after all so this post has to feature some pictures of the Christmas lights.
There wasn't much fuss about Christmas here as they had some really bad floods just only a month before! Looking at the pictures of the floods and then walking around the same places, you wouldn't believe it although there was still some water left and some shops still weren't open because of the damage from them.
New Years Eve was a bigger deal, just as we were leaving they were setting up a big stage on the beach and lights.
I also had a day in Lisbon which was great to see the capital!
Have you been to the Algarve or Lisbon? What do you think of my photos?
*All photos were taken from my iPhone 6*