Friday, 19 February 2016


Sometimes I need to remind myself why I blog. The reasons why people start blogging means something different to so many people. There are so many types of blogs and sometimes a misleading content of what 'needs' to be posted. Blogs are so personal and should be posted with whatever you want. For me the reason why I blog and started is to show my holiday photos - I was taking so many photos and loving it but when I showed them to people they just seem disinterested. I was taking photos from different perspectives and wanted people to appreciate them more. Travel and photography is a real interest of mine, recent and growing. I thought I had to post the 'typical' beauty blogger posts because that's what people seem to like more but I wasn't particularly liking doing those post - so I've deleted them.

Some people care so much about views but just a few people who view my blog I am shocked by so the amount of views I have now. To most people blogging obviously it's nothing but I am happily shocked by the views and comments on my posts, I am just a newbie still after all. Also stating you have a blog to people can stir up so many preconceptions.

Over a couple of years I sometimes question myself about my photography and writing this blog because of what others (particularly 'close' to me) will think about it, but whenever I do complete and publish a post the excitement I get is far better. I get to show people, whoever it is, my photographs from my holidays and trips away in some hope that they will like them and comment something as simple as "great photos!" Constant content can't always be the case and focusing on what you want to post only and not get mix up in the huge blogging world I think a lot of people can relate to.